Tash Parry

Damages Supervisor

Years worked with the company: 34

Tell us about your career with Boughey:  I first joined the company as a student working in the Packing Hall during the school holidays on two-week contracts that kept getting renewed.  After completing my GCSEs, I entered the sixth form to start A-levels, but it just wasn’t for me so I returned to Boughey to work in the Packing Hall full-time in January 1989 and I’ve been here ever since!

After working in the Packing Hall on various lines for about a year, I started working with the woman who was in charge of managing damages and I have remained in the team for 32 years.

Current role:  As Damages Supervisor and working with a team of three people, we receive any damaged stock from across our two sites in Wardle and Crewe. Damages can be as a result of returns, unseen damages, warehouse damage or from container damage.

Our job is to sort through any damaged stock and find the best solution to salvage as much as we can.  Stock is then re-packaged or re-boxed and then returned into storage.  We pretty much can salvage most things, but if any stock is unsalvageable, we will speak to the customer concerned and arrange for it to be donated to foodbanks in our local area, so we literally don’t waste anything.

We aim to reduce as much waste as possible and also save money for both our customers and the company.

Because of the size of our operation, we are busy all the time.  My role is interesting and challenging every day and no two days are ever the same.  The biggest change I’ve seen over the years I’ve been here is the growth of the business, with the expansion at Wardle and, most recently, the opening of our new warehouse in Crewe.

Danny Earp, Warehouse Operations Director describes Tash as a ‘unsung hero of the business’ for her expertise and experience in salvaging goods.

What do you like most about working here?: Definitely the friendly people I work with.  I really like the fact that every day is different and work is never boring.  The days go by so fast.  The company really invests in training and I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a number of courses covering leadership skills, health and safety, and computer packages.

Why should someone come and work here?  You can learn all the time and the sky’s the limit in terms of opportunities to progress and to travel through the company. There is also job security here which matters to a lot of people.