Gareth Bell


Years worked with the company: 16

Career background:  My original plan was to follow a career in accountancy and, after gaining a degree in Accountancy and Finance, I began further training to become a Management Accountant.  During my management accountancy training, I had a complete change of heart and decided to become a driver.  My Dad was a driver and I spent many days with him in his truck when I was growing up which I loved.

After gaining my licence, I joined my Dad working at Gwynedd Shipping based in Holyhead.

Tell us about driving with Boughey:  I first joined the company in 2004 as a tramper and left after a while, when my son was born, so that I could spend more time at home.  I re-joined the company in 2007 to work Monday to Friday tramping and I have been here ever since.

For ten years, I worked out of our depot in Deeside and when the site closed, I moved to our newly-expanded Wardle site.

I live in Anglesey and leave each Monday morning at 4.00am to drive to Wardle and return home again on a Friday evening.  I can honestly say that I love my job and there is never a Monday morning when I wake up and dread going to work.

I must really enjoy my job as I haven’t had a day off sick for 16½ years!

What do you like most about working here?:  I like that things are done right.  With Boughey all the ‘i’s are dotted and the ‘t’s crossed.  We drive the best vehicles which are well-maintained and everything is above-board.  We are never asked to cut corners or cross the line legally.

We are very lucky that the kit is high quality and well-spec’d, for example, having quality microwaves in the cabs helps massively with preparing meals on-the-road.

An important thing for me is the stability of my job with Boughey.  Working within the food industry and for many major food retailers, our jobs have been recession-proof – we all need to eat, whatever happens.

If anything goes wrong with vehicles, they get fixed straightway and if you ever experience a problem on-the-road, there is plenty of support, either from the Planning Team or more senior people in the company, if required.

Why should drivers come and work at Boughey?: I would say the stability of the job is an important factor.  We are part of the NWF Group which has three different divisions, including our own, operating in different industries, with all three businesses able to support each other.