Red Arrow

Environment, Safety, CSR

As a business, we continually strive to improve our environmental, safety and CSR credentials. A few examples of our initiatives:

Fuel Comparison Trials

We have an on-going commitment to ensuring optimum fuel efficiency across our fleet by auditing performance. The company’s Fleet Engineering Team monitors the performance of our current fleet by conducting comparative fuel trials across a range of vehicle manufacturers.

The trials involve monitoring a number of manufacturers’ vehicles, pulling full trailers over a pre-determined route and setting-off at ten-minute intervals so that they are monitored under the same weather and road conditions. As well as fuel efficiency monitoring, constant feedback is sought from drivers regarding vehicle operation, comfort and features/facilities.

Michelin’s EffiTrailer Telematics Systems

Following a year-long trial of Michelin’s EffiTrailer Telematics System on 12 standard length trailers and ten Longer Semi-Trailers (LSTs) to collect a wealth of data for system evaluation, the company rolled out the system across its fleet of trailers. The tyre pressure monitoring system within EffiTrailer helps to protect the company against roadside breakdowns.

Extended Length Trailers

The company holds one of the 2,000 Government issued licences to trial extended length trailers which accommodate two to four additional pallets. As part of the trial, the company has been operating ten of the trailers and is required to provide detailed performance feedback to the Department of Transport.

Vehicle Cameras

The company was an early adopter of vehicle cameras and one of the first in the UK. The installation of cameras has delivered a decrease in accident rates and facilitated scrutiny of accidents and any challenges made to the company.

FareShare Partnership

FareShare is the UK’s leading food redistribution charity, fighting hunger and food waste. The charity redistributes surplus food to frontline charities and community groups who turn it into meals for vulnerable people.

Many of our customers store food that FareShare could use as it doesn’t reach consumers because of issues such as forecasting, mislabelling or promotional items not selling as well as expected. The company saw the opportunity to forge a partnership with the charity and present the food recycling option to customers.

As well as the charitable and environmental benefits of diverting food away from landfill, customers can also save on additional costs they might incur, such as return of food, collection costs for food bins, landfill tax and labour to remove packaging.

Brake Charity - National Road Safety Campaign

The rear doors of five of our vehicles have communicated a series of important road safety messages. The company partnered up with national charity Brake which campaigns to prevent road deaths and injuries, and Driven Media, the mobile advertising company.

Messages displayed on the lorries include reminding drivers to always wear a seatbelt and highlighting that any phone use behind the wheel is dangerous.