Ionela Tone

Warehouse Productivity Analyst

Years worked with the company: 3

Career background:  I moved to the UK from Romania in 2019 after completing a degree in finance and working for a number of companies in Bucharest, including as a Customer Service Specialist for Vodafone.

Tell us about your career with Boughey:  In April 2020, I joined Boughey as a Warehouse Operative working on a 4-on 4-off shift pattern.  After just three months, due to a colleague becoming ill, I had the opportunity to work in a Team Leader role on a temporary basis for a three-month period.  Following this secondment, I was promoted to Team Leader on a permanent basis.

During this time my Manager, Mike Jepson, put me forward to study for the ILM Level 3 Diploma in Management.  I am incredibly grateful for the faith that Mike showed in me.  He could see what I couldn’t see myself – that I had potential and the ability to progress.  He also helped me to increase my confidence and gave me permanent feedback and guidance as I carried out my Team Leader role. Mike has been an inspiring mentor to me and I am very happy that he spotted and invested in my potential, as he has done with many colleagues.

As part of the ILM course, I carried out a project on warehouse productivity which came to the attention of Danny Earp, Warehouse Operations Director and Martin Browne, Process Improvement Manager. On the back of my project, Danny saw the potential to create a role for a Warehouse Productivity Analyst and said to me ‘let’s give it a go’.  The ILM course is excellent as it focuses on applying learning in the workplace.

Current role:  I started my new role as Warehouse Productivity Analyst in March 2021, working closely with Martin Browne.  My role includes providing productivity data to the warehouse management team, concentrating on how the data can be used practically to make improvements.  I also work with managers to gain feedback and seek patterns and trends which may be contributing to reduced productivity, and work with Martin to develop solutions.

As well as my day-to-day role, I also contribute to a number of specific improvement projects.  The role is very dynamic and fast-paced.

I hope to be able to progress my career with the company and take advantage of more training opportunities. My experience working in the warehouse team provided me with great background knowledge for my current role.

What do you like most about working here?: The company really invests in identifying and developing talent, and giving people the opportunity to move into other roles, for example, warehouse staff moving into customer services roles or having the chance to train as drivers.