Dimka Ivanova


Years worked with the company: 4

Tell us about your career:  I gained my Class 1 licence in my home country of Bulgaria and while I was waiting to receive my official licence, I also paid for some additional training to improve my reversing so that I would feel confident once I was on-the-road.  Before gaining my Class 1, I worked as a driver operating 7.5 tonne vehicles.

My first Class 1 driving job, which was for just over a year, proved to be a difficult and disappointing experience for me and my confidence was knocked.  My husband had been working as a driver for Boughey for a few years and was very happy so I applied to join the company too and was lucky enough to be successful. I love driving and it’s a profession that requires a lot of responsibility.

Your current role:  I work day shifts three days a week, Thursday to Saturday.  My husband works as a tramper on different days to me which means that one of us is always at home for our daughter. Being able to work flexible shifts is perfect for our lifestyle.

What do you like most about working here?:  Many things. There is a positive culture across the business. We are all treated as people and not as a number.  I like the opportunity to be able to choose the shift pattern I want which allows me to be a wife, mother and a driver.  The flexibility of my job means I have space for my personal life and my family.

I love working with customers.  In Bulgaria, I worked as an insurance agent which required lots of interaction with customers so this is something I am used to.

There is a very friendly environment at Boughey.  Managers are very kind, approachable and easy to speak to and I am never worried about raising any questions or concerns I may have.  Training is very good and I have been taught so many things.

I like that there is always a secure income.  My daughter and I were ill with Covid-19 recently and it was a relief to have in the back of my mind that my job would be there waiting for me when I recovered.

Boughey feels like a safe place to work from every side.  Drivers are treated well, we drive the best, well-maintained vehicles and you always feel supported when you’re on-the-road.  There is also a system in place where someone from the office calls customers if we are running late so that takes away any stress.  Customers are also called if we are early to see if an earlier delivery slot can be scheduled.

The work is varied too so I see lots of beautiful places around the country.

Microlise Most Improved Driver Award:  In 2020, Dimka took the top spot in the ‘Most Improved Driver’ category in the Microlise Driver of the Year Awards – the UK’s premier HGV driver awards which recognise outstanding driver performance and excellence.

Judges of the award said Dimka had demonstrated a 100% improvement in driving performance making her a worthy winner.

In the award submission made by Boughey, Dimka was praised for delivering a level of improved fuel usage that is exceptional for a day driver.  She was described by colleagues as representing all that is good about 21st century drivers and was noted for being conscientious, calm, and for taking everything in her stride.  The submission highlighted that Dimka always works to the best of her ability and listens to advice and acts on it.