Boughey chooses new finger-printing test system

The company has introduced a new, less invasive drug testing system to support its random screening programme’s health and safety policy. The safety of employees at Boughey is of upmost importance, meaning colleagues need to be fit to work. Using Intelligent Fingerprinting’s system, the company’s Health & Safety department will focus on an employee’s ability to work within the health and safety policy, rather than intrude on their activities outside the workplace.

The fingerprinting test provides the company with a number of benefits, including the ability to provide tests in-house rather than outsourcing to external companies. The new testing system screens for recent use of drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, opiates and methamphetamine. The change means moving away from testing through the less hygienic method of urine testing.

Head of Human Resources, Mark Batch said, “We took the decision to start random alcohol & drug testing as a step-change to help improve our Health & Safety culture. We felt it was also important to re-affirm the importance of being in a fit state for work – particularly given the huge amount of manual handling equipment and vehicles we operate on/off-site. Over time, it became clear that we also needed to find a way to speed up the random drug testing process – ideally in a way that was also less intrusive than our existing urine testing method.

“Having reviewed potential alternatives and testing technologies on the market, we were impressed by the Intelligent Fingerprinting team and the way the fingerprint-based test could resolve our concerns around urine testing. Also, due to Intelligent Fingerprinting’s shorter window of detection, means that our focus is on fitness for work rather than on what employees were doing in their personal time. Additionally, the ability to conduct all our testing in-house gives us much more control over the process.”

Intelligent Fingerprinting’s Executive Chairman, Philip Hand, commented on the company’s new system by saying, “We’re delighted that Boughey Distribution has joined a growing list of transport and logistics specialists who have turned to fingerprint testing to support their workplace drug screening,”.