School children enjoy a window into working life

Calveley Primary Academy children pictured on their site tour

Thirty children from nearby Calveley Primary Academy received a glimpse into future working life when we invited the school to pay a visit to our Wardle site.

The children enjoyed a tour of one of our warehouses, watched pallets being unloaded from a trailer and enjoyed a presentation made by Richard Whiting, the Chief Executive of NWF Group, the parent company of Boughey, NWF Fuels and NWF Agriculture, all based at the Wardle site.

The visit was devised by the school’s Head Teacher, Mrs Ray Rudd, and our Warehouse Manager Mike Jepson who put together a programme which saw the children aged between seven and eleven arriving in three separate groups throughout the day. As Mike explained:

“It was a military operation to get the children here and ensure that we moved them around our busy site safely. We were able to stop operations in one of our warehouses so that the children could get a handle on the scale of our business and see our mobile racking in operation.

“As we all know, as a child, visits like this stay with us forever and we hope we’ve inspired a few young people to join us when they leave school. We all enjoyed showcasing our business to a future generation and were most impressed with the standard of questions that the children posed to Richard Whiting about the Group during his presentation.”

Ray Rudd said, “We are very grateful to the team at Boughey for creating such an informative day for the children. The school is just a stone’s throw away from the site and we are very keen to forge positive links with the NWF Group.

“The visit provided a great opportunity for the children to understand the important businesses that we have close to us and to find out exactly what they do.”