Road Safety Competition 2023

We’re pleased to announce the winners of our Design Competition!  

The competition’s objective was to craft a Road Safety-themed trailer, mixing the important subject of safety with the creative enjoyment of art and crafts. Participation was open to the children of our colleagues as well as students from supporting schools. 

The company would like to thank everyone who entered this year’s competition, we have received some amazing designs! Unfortunately, as tempted as we were, we couldn’t print every design onto a trailer. 

After a lot of judging and discussion, the panel of judges, made up of the company’s four directors, are pleased to announce the winners below: 

Winner of the Under 9s Category: Hattie Ford Under 9s runners-up: Ava Aldington-Green & James Dale 

Winner of the Under 12 Categories: Bettsie Tate Under 12s runners-up: Tali Lucy Fisher & Phoebe Predland 

Winner of the Under 16s Category: Sophie Adams Under 16s runners-up: Charlotte Dale & Jessica Dale 

Congratulations to overall winners, Bettsie Tate and Sophie Adams, who will have their designs printed onto one of our brand-new SDC trailers. 

As local schools, we invited Calveley Primary Academy and Highfields Primary Academy to take part in the competition; we’re pleased to announce the best from those schools were Edie Trotter from Highfields and Tali Lucy-Fisher from Calverley.  

The two winners have been invited to our Crewe site during the February half-term, for the unveiling of the brand-new trailer.