Richard Ford Shortlisted for National Award

Earlier this year, our driver Richard Ford was shortlisted for the ‘Extra Mile’ Award at the Microlise Awards 2024. Prior to the March awards ceremony, Richard celebrated his achievement with a track day at Porsche. Whilst Richard didn’t bring home an award, being acknowledged by Microlise in one of the most competitive categories was a remarkable achievement.

The Extra Mile Award symbolises the extraordinary commitment and effort that an individual puts into their work life. This level of commitment means taking their day-to-day duties far beyond what is required and in Richard’s case, sharing his experience and knowledge with others.

In his commitment to go above and beyond for the company, Richard encountered an issue within the Warehouse where his colleagues didn’t understand processes involved at delivery points, leading to challenges on his side. Rather than leave the situation and moan, Richard took proactive steps by initiating an initiative for warehouse operatives. This involved bringing them along to deliveries, to demonstrate the process and ultimately streamline the task on both sides.

Speaking with Richard before the ceremony, he said, “I didn’t start the initiative for the recognition or credit, I’m a quiet person and I like to look on from the distance, away from the spotlight. The initiative was to help myself and other drivers whilst we were making those sorts of deliveries but also to help the warehouse staff understand how it worked and why a driver would be agitated if it was loaded incorrectly.”