Partnership with food charity FareShare generates 1.5 million meals

The trailer supporting our partnership with FareShare

Working in partnership with our customers, we have generated 1.5 million meals, in just two years, for the UK’s leading food distribution charity, FareShare, to provide meals for vulnerable people.

We are working with a growing number of customers who donate surplus products to FareShare. The company then transports the food to FareShare’s 30 depots, free-of-charge for journeys of up to 30 miles, and at a small charge for deliveries over 30 miles.

Surplus food can be a result of forecasting issues, mislabelling or promotional items not selling as well as expected. Instead of products heading to landfill, they enter the FareShare network to make a real difference to people’s lives.

FareShare has experienced significant growth induced by the COVID-19 epidemic resulting in a vast number of people across the country needing support with food provision. The charity’s profile also increased due to the relationship it forged with Manchester Utd footballer Marcus Rashford MBE who continues to campaign to support families at risk of hunger.

Commenting on reaching the milestone of providing 1.5 million meals for FareShare, Neil Trotter, Transport Operations Director who leads the partnership with the charity said:

The company has created a specifically branded trailer which promotes the company’s partnership with FareShare as it travels nationwide.

“It’s an amazing achievement to have notched up 1.5 million meals for the charity. We currently have around 25% of our customers contributing surplus food and during 2022, we are planning to significantly increase the number of those on-board.

“The FareShare partnership provides our customers with a great option to use surplus food in a very positive way, both in terms of preventing waste going to landfill and using their products to address hunger in this country.

“Our link with FareShare has really resonated with our customers. We have set up an easy process for the distribution of surplus products to the charity so that it has minimum impact on their day-to-day operations. Our sophisticated stock control system also means we can alert customers when food they hold with us is getting close to its best before date.

“Customers can also potentially benefit financially by avoiding charges relating to the return of products, collection costs for food bins, landfill tax and labour to remove packaging.”

In the last year, FareShare has provided over 131.9 million meals to people facing food insecurity.