International Men’s Day 2023

To celebrate International Men’s Day, we have asked our colleagues to nominate the incredible men in our business who make a difference every day. From their willingness to help to their hard work, we have some truly amazing people in our team.

The nominations are as follows:

Beata Braksator nominated: Adam Loxton. ‘A very good trainer, people person, always has time to help and support, always with a smile on his face.’

Sharon James nominated: Adam Tierney. ‘For his continued support and help with managing a predominantly all-female team of capable, determined, independent, and confident women who want to work, develop, and strive in a predominantly male industry.’

Michael Jasinski nominated: Adam, Mario, Ste, Kev, Stan, Zibi, Callum, Wojtek and Keith. ‘For consistently delivering a remarkable effort each day, driving both the department and the business forward. Above all, achieving this success with the unwavering Boughey touch – doing it the right way.’

Jayne Welch nominated: Christopher Morbey. ‘Morbey always achieves and also goes beyond, owning the complete process, setting the trailers, tipping them, and putting them away. He never stops; he is a proper dynamo even when he’s not feeling his best.’

Dave Alexander nominated: Craig Piley. ‘Craig goes the extra mile, often taking on tasks beyond what is asked of him. He created a digital layout via Google Sheets to track trailers, shipments, and subcontractors in and out of the Crewe 240 site, creating a much more efficient way of knowing exactly where we are and how we can achieve where we need to be in terms of the overall operation.’

Alan Jones nominated: Daniel Gregory. ‘He has a good understanding of most problems that the traffic office comes across each day and deals with everything calmly and professionally, always willing to help with any issues.’

Denise Yates nominated: Daniel Gregory. ‘Dan is a Team Leader within the Transport Team and has worked hard to reach his current position. Many days I see him running the Traffic Desk single-handedly, multitasking effectively and covering the day’s work effortlessly.’

Jan Francis nominated: Daniel Gregory. ‘Dan goes out of his way to help us if it’s busy, always keeping us in the loop with what is going on. He also has time to make sure we are okay and does it all with a smile and a laugh.’

Richard Nally nominated: Daniel Gregory. ‘Daniel goes about sorting things out in a very calm manner, efficiently getting the job done. When the team is short, he will always put his name forward to help where possible.’

Sharon James nominated: Dave Roberts. ‘Sadly, Dave recently passed away, but he always went above and beyond his role to support his colleagues. A true gent!’

Michael Jasinski nominated: Dave Vernon. ‘For being our steadfast supporter. His consistent presence, enthusiasm to share experience, and willingness to be a sounding board have been invaluable to many. Your voice of wisdom and courage in challenging others make a profound impact, and we are sincerely grateful for your continuous support, Dave.’

Nathan Armstrong nominated: Dave Vernon. ‘Dave is a very good manager, always willing to support and help anyone who needs it. He offers motivational talks on the daily, weekly, and monthly basis, if needed. He’s passionate and positive.’

Anonymous nomination: David Leggett. ‘Dave can often get a ‘bad rap,’ however, I firmly believe this is down to him always following through on tasks/requests by the book. Despite working nights, he is always available in the afternoon, allowing us to engage verbally rather than relying on emails.’

Jennifer Birchall nominated: Dawid Czil. ‘Dawid always goes above and beyond within his role to ensure the operation runs smoothly. He is a supportive co-worker and a valued member of the team. Dawid has brought exceptional organizational skills to Co-Pack and is well thought of within the team. I believe Dawid deserves recognition for what he has achieved so far, and I look forward to seeing his progression in the future.’

Michael Jasinski nominated: Dawid Czil. ‘To Dawid, who exemplifies perseverance, hard work, and fearlessness in the face of challenges. Your unwavering commitment and courage, coupled with the wisdom to seek support when needed, have set a commendable standard for us all.’

Sharon James nominated: Ed Dale. ‘Ed is not only great at his job but dedicated to making it better for his colleagues. He is a valued supportive member of the team and brings a much-needed controlled, balanced, and calming influence to a busy department.’

Monique Hardey nominated: Edward Dale. ‘Always ready to help, nothing ever throws him off, it’s always a yes. A brilliant person to have on your team, as well as an excellent mentor.’

Mike Adams nominated: Graham Harvey. ‘This man has been with the company for well over 40 years and is the longest-serving member of staff and still continues to work here to this day. He arrives with a smile on his face each day and is a pillar of the community in Zone 4, sharing his vast knowledge and experience with the team whenever needed. He is truly an asset to the company.’

Michael Jasinski nominated: Graham Pyper. ‘Graham embodies the qualities of a good uncle, ever ready to lend a hand no matter the challenge. If you’re in need, Graham is sure to have a solution. He consistently upholds high standards in training and operations, always addressing any deviations from the expectations.’

Rheanna nominated: Ian Aldington. ‘Fred goes out of his way to help with any issues I have, even when the issues are not for him. A good teacher and all-round lovely bloke.’

Sharon James nominated: Ian Aldington/Fred. ‘Fred is someone I would choose to work with; he is so supportive to me and my department, resolving any issues we may have and checking if we are all okay when passing. Always a friendly face.’

Anonymous nominated: Ian Hill. ‘Ian lifts the mood. Always happy to have a chat, mostly about cakes and biscuits which he is partial to.’

Michael Jasinski nominated: Jack Gilbert. ‘From packing boxes through an agency to providing invaluable data to grow the business. Jack’s success is a testament to his drive, talent, and engagement.’

Teigan Bryning nominated: James Birtwistle. ‘James always has a lovely response and ensures any queries are being looked into. Such a friendly and welcoming approach to any conversation, whether this be in person or virtual.’

Clarissa Bennett nominated: Jamie Bonwick. ‘Jamie didn’t really have a good time a few years ago trying to prove to people that he can do his job. He is one of the best drivers we have working for us and needs to give a bit of extra credit to himself!’

Liv Ball nominated: Jamie Bonwick. ‘For always being a friendly face and having a cheerful and positive approach to work.’

Nikoletta Erdos nominated: Janos Vantara. ‘Kind, helpful, the best personality, and a hard worker.’

Kerry Sproston nominated: Jason Ward. ‘For being a very supportive manager.’

Angela Lightfoot nominated: Jason Ward. ‘Jason made me feel welcome alongside his team during the lockdown period.’

Michael Jasinski nominated: Jim Lord. ‘Jim is soon bidding us farewell, taking with him his endless positivity, wit, and laughter. All the best, Jim!’

Claudiu-Constantin Manciu nominated: Joe Young. ‘He’s always straightforward, honest, and has a logical way of thinking and taking decisions. Always dedicated to getting the job done. The most important thing about Mr. Joe is that he seems to be able to recognize other people’s values and help them grow and encourage them in doing so. He manages to inspire to get the best out of me when I’m around him. He is always respectful and understanding. He is my role model when it comes to management.’

Molly nominated: Joe Young. ‘Since moving on to traffic, Joe has helped me massively. He has helped me boost my confidence. Thanks for everything, Joe.’

Steve Newton nominated: John Hamilton. ‘I feel that John is one of the most productive employees we have; he never stops, out in all weathers, keeping our site clean on his own.’

Angela Carus nominated: John Hamilton. ‘John is an amazing gentleman, extremely dedicated to his work and very thorough. He takes real pride in the standards of his job and how the site looks and feels. He is an example to all of us in terms of work ethic and pride in our work, whatever role we have. John is also very shy, so this nomination will no doubt be uncomfortable for him, but I want to highlight him on International Men’s Day as one of our unsung heroes and somebody who is very inspiring to myself and many other colleagues in our business.’

Jonathan Lewis nominated: John Hamilton. ‘He’s extremely productive, especially during important audits or when customers are on-site. He never complains about the weather as his job requires him to be outside all year round, keeping the Boughey site clean.’

Sarah Hall nominated: John Hamilton. ‘John maintains the housekeeping and hygiene of all our external areas across the Wardle site. He works tirelessly to ensure our walkways are clean and slip-free, and he also ensures all the rubbish that is dropped or blown around the site is collected daily. He does this 5 days a week, regardless of the weather. Come rain, wind, snow, or high temperature, he’s there without so much as a grumble. Yet, he always has time to say hello whenever you see him out and about. For this reason alone, I nominate him as my unsung hero.’

Sharon James nominated: Jonathan Lewis. ‘Nothing is ever too much trouble; if there is an issue or anyone needs help with resolving, it doesn’t matter how busy his day is, he will always offer his support.’

Clarissa Bennett nominated: Joshua Beckett. ‘This man works his socks off for Palletline! He doesn’t stop. I always say if you snapped him in half like a stick of rock, he’ll have Palletline running straight through the middle. He cares about all of his work colleagues and calls us a family instead. Always makes sure we’re all good! He doesn’t get the recognition he deserves! A great supervisor to work for.’

Elaine Leese nominated: Joshua Beckett. ‘Josh always goes above and beyond his job role, making the workplace a great place to work. He is not just a supervisor; he is a friend, family, and always listens. He’s funny; we laugh more than we cry because of Josh. He is Palletline through and through like a stick of rock, our rock.’

Krzysztof Moryc nominated: Kamil Balas. ‘A very helpful person.’

Anonymous nomination: Kieran Gilbert. ‘Kieran started with the company as a Traffic Clerk and has gained great insight into how the business operates and how systems work, and has not been afraid to ask the difficult questions. He is reliable, trustworthy, and inspirational. He never fails to come to my rescue and has supported me on my own journey immensely.'”

Antonio Cristovao nominated: Krzysztof Moryc. ‘Best team leader in Boughey.’

Joshua Beckett nominated: Krzysztof Stolarski. ‘Krzysztof has always been so hardworking in all aspects of his job, talking to customers and drivers on a daily basis, always striving to push Palletline further. No matter his own personal problems, he has always put this business and colleagues first to achieve a high standard and has been excellent in the implementation of our new system, Mandata.’

Clarissa Bennett nominated: Krzysztof Stolarski. ‘This man does everything for his kids – he works so hard being a single parent to his boys! I admire him massively. He’s kind and caring, really deserves the credit as he is always thinking about others before himself.’

Zoe Taylor nominated Krzysztof Stolarski. ‘He goes above and beyond in his job and he is a really genuine guy that helps others as much as he can.’

Elaine Leese nominated: Krzysztof Stolarski. ‘Krzysztof works hard; he is a single father that works really hard, always happy, smiling, and funny. He is also caring and a pleasure to work alongside. He buys us chocolates for International Women’s Day, so for this, we thank you, Kryz.’

Elaine Leese nominated: Les Taylor. ‘Les is a driver that goes above and beyond; nothing is too much for him. He is full of knowledge and inspiration to all the new drivers, and is a massive confidence builder.’

Clarissa Bennett nominated: Les Taylor. ‘Les is one of the happiest-go-lucky people I know. Always has a smile on his face and tries to brighten everybody’s day as soon as he walks through the door to start his shift! He never moans about anything and just gets the job done. So just giving him a little shout-out to say don’t ever change and keep being you.’

Adam Loxton nominated: Marian Bocanet. ‘Always showing up to work with a smile and good attitude, turns everyone’s frown upside down, a joy to work alongside. Makes the team click.’

Keira Peacock nominated: Mark Kennedy. ‘Mark is a team player and is always happy to help with any issues you may have.’

Michael Jasinski nominated: Martin Browne. ‘Cherished for simply being himself. His unique essence and vibrant lexicon have added a delightful splash of color to our daily conversations. Martin, you’re truly appreciated for the exceptional person you are.’

Sharon James nominated: Martin Browne. ‘Where do I start! He is the colleague and friend that everyone needs in their life. His knowledge and life experiences are on another level. Martin offers his support in a heartbeat to anyone that needs it. He is definitely one of a kind.’

Emily Whitmore nominated: Michael Jasinski. ‘Michael’s open approach to all things continuous improvement is really refreshing – always open to exploring new opportunities, identifying areas for improvement and collaborating cross-functionally. He really brings to life our Agility and Support values.’

Mark Batch nominated: Michael Jasinski. ‘Always has a balanced view. Keen to develop his team and is always considering the wellbeing of his team.’

Dawid Czil nominated: Michael Jasinski. ‘Always there if someone needs some help.’

Dave Vernon nominated: Michael Jasinski. ‘For encouraging and actively engaging diversity in the department.’

Anonymous nomination: Michael Jasinski. ‘Michael is determined, ambitious, and driven. He is thorough and passionate about making sure things are done correctly. He is always on hand to offer support, and if he is unable to help, he will do some research until he can.’

Kieran Gilbert nominated: Mike Snee. ‘Mike is always willing to assist anybody in their work where he is able to. He has liaised closely with Arla on their recent changes to processes, including briefing this out and has received very complimentary feedback from them for the work he did. He has also developed a new CPC training course to deliver to our drivers to enhance our training capabilities while also allowing us to exploit external training opportunities. He is willing to be flexible with his working hours to benefit the company and is seen as a reliable source of advice and guidance by the drivers.’

Sharon James nominated: Neil Trotter. ‘For always being available for support to anyone who needs it. On the few occasions there is a situation the Boughey team can’t resolve on their own, a call or email to the wider senior team for assistance, and you can always guarantee Neil will respond with a solution and never a grumble!’

Che Kerin nominated: Paul ‘Harry’ Davies. ‘Not only does Paul ensure that many areas of an ever-expanding site are clear of empty pallets, therefore freeing up valuable resource for loading/unloading, but he also ensures that the pallet yard is an effective resource that benefits the business. Furthermore, he ensures that Trailers are loaded to meet customer requirements and unloaded when necessary, as well as ensuring broken Cheps are allocated to their own Chep vehicles on a weekly basis. This is done with a cheery disposition in all weathers. A difficult job, often unnoticed but very much appreciated.’

Jonathan Lewis nominated: Paul Howard. ‘Paul has been covering many hours over the last few months due to staffing issues and still has a smile on his face.’

Anonymous nomination: Phil Grosvenor. ‘Phil has always been a friendly face and supportive to both the members of his department and others working within the office, which was particularly appreciated during my first few weeks at Boughey. A trustworthy member of the Boughey team and a good friend and colleague to many, I believe Phil deserved this recognition for International Men’s Day.’

Jessica Aspey nominated: Phil Grosvenor. ‘Bringing laughter and brightening people’s day.’

Keira Peacock nominated: Richard Nally. ‘Rich is always willing to go above and beyond with any urgent request you might have and is always happy to help.’

Nathan Armstrong nominated: Rob Harding. ‘He always works towards our BRC grading every year under Zone 4. Keeps the warehouse clean, cleaning every square inch of the warehouse. Always offers support to other colleagues.’

John Rogers nominated: Robert Hatton. ‘I would like to nominate Rob Hatton for the outstanding job he does mentoring newly qualified drivers. Rob has many years of experience as a Class 1 Driver and always comes to work with a friendly, positive ‘can-do’ attitude. He demonstrates great enthusiasm and patience when passing on his knowledge to new drivers. He ensures they carry out their duties in a safe and timely manner whilst also adhering to all HGV driver regulations.’

Mike Snee nominated: Robert Sumner. ‘I would like to recognize Bob Sumner for International Men’s Day. Bob comes in every single day with a smile on his face and says good morning to all those people around him. He has a lot of experience and has been instrumental in bringing newer members of the team up the learning curve in a short space of time. It is nice when other people think about others and organize things to help or bring people together. Bob runs the tuck shop in the office for the benefit of others. He goes out of his way in his own time to keep it stocked up and save his colleagues money. Bob has also organized for fish and chips to be ordered on a Friday to motivate his colleagues and bring them together. In short, Bob is an all-round nice chap who puts himself out for those around him and is superb at his job. He is a credit to the company and his team!’

Stuart Ellison nominated: Steve Nelson. ‘Total professional.’

Mike Snee nominated: Scott Williams. ‘I would like to nominate Scott Williams for the outstanding job he has done in mentoring our newly qualified drivers. Scott has a wealth of experience as a Class 1 HGV driver, which he kindly passes on to newly qualified driver to keep them safe and allow them to progress in their career. Scott has had many challenges in the past year and despite this, he still demonstrates patience in passing on his knowledge with enthusiasm and a smile. Scott is not only a credit to Boughey Distribution but is a great friend and colleague to those around him! You are one in a million!’

Mark Kennedy nominated: Steve Nelson. ‘By far the best warehouse manager in this company by a country mile.’

Craig Foden nominated: Steve Nelson. ‘Top top manager, I’ve worked in many companies in my time and Steve is by far the best manager I’ve worked under.’

Anonymous nomination: Steve Nelson. ‘Steve knows at least 2 personal facts about every member of staff at Crewe. He is passionate about Crewe’s success and should be proud of all he has accomplished. I know he believes this is down to his team, but every team needs an inspirational leader.’

Michael Jasinski nominated: Steve Nelson and his Team. ‘To Steve and the Crewe site team, a heartfelt thank you for your understanding, support, and warm welcome. Your kindness has created a positive and inclusive environment that is truly appreciated. It makes all the difference.’

Molly nominated: Steve Newton. ‘Because Steve will go out his way to help anyone above and beyond, Steve has helped me a long way along my journey here at Boughey, and needless to say he’s the best boss I’ve ever had.’

Debbie Lunt nominated: Stuart Ellison. ‘Stuart is an amazing team member and always willing to help. Nothing is ever too much trouble. Makes for a good working day when you see his smiling face in the office.’

Rheanna nominated: Stuart Ellison. ‘It’s always a joy to see Stu, although I don’t see much of him since he’s moved to Crewe there’s always a smile and a good conversation. A true gent and a family man who does this company proud every year.’

Mike Snee nominated: Stuart Telford. ‘The job of an IT specialist in Boughey Distribution is never done, and requests are constantly flooding into the department. Since joining the company earlier in the year, Stuart Telford has been a valuable addition to the department and has worked tirelessly to support the business as a whole. Any requests are actioned in a prompt and timely manner, and Stuart always delivers service with a smile. Nothing is too much trouble. If you are looking for a person who enjoys their job and makes other people’s lives easier, then look no further. Thanks, Stuart, for everything you do!’

Jennifer Birchall nominated: Tim. ‘Tim has been with Boughey over 30 years, and he is a joy to work with. He has taken all of the changes within Co-Pack in his stride and always has a smile. Tim is a well-liked member of the team and always endeavours to do better. I am so grateful to have him within my team and look forward to seeing Tim achieve more milestones within the business.’

Andy Arrowsmith nominated: Tom Cratchley. ‘Tom has a vast knowledge of the SAP System and is always willing to help and educate colleagues. He is a polite, friendly, professional employee who, in my opinion, deserves recognition for his hard effort which contributes to the growth of the company.’

Jason Ward nominated: Tony Hulme. ‘Tony is always in a good mood and brightens everyone’s day with his laughter.’