Crewe Site Receives Highest Honour in Recent BRCGS Audit

The company’s Crewe site achieved a top-grade AA+ score during its first unannounced BRCGS audit since its opening in 2020. This 237,734 sq ft ambient warehouse plays a significant role in distributing just under half of the outbound goods, providing upwards of 35,000 pallet spaces.

Danny Earp, our Warehouse Operations Director, expressed his delight with the audit outcome, saying, “We’re extremely proud of our team at Crewe for achieving such a tremendous result; they consistently work to the highest standards. Our customers are extremely important to us and receiving an AA+ rating recognises the dedication we put into our work and our commitment to food safety.”

“We’re looking forward now to the future and remain committed to maintaining the AA+ standard, continuously pushing our boundaries and making progress,” he added.

The BRCGS accreditation serves as a crucial benchmark for logistics companies and their customers, acknowledging businesses with exemplary practices and encouraging continuous improvement. It ensures the quality and safety of products throughout the supply chain during storage and distribution. The grading scale ranges from ‘AA’ to ‘D,’ followed by ‘Uncertified.’

The ‘+’ indicates that the audit was unannounced, meaning it could have taken place at any time during the year without prior notice. Independent inspectors accredited by BRCGS conduct these audits.