Company Achieves B Corp Certification

The company is proud to announce that it has been accepted into the B Corp Community and has formally achieved B Corp Certification.

B Corp’s purpose is to measure a company’s entire social and environmental impact, and certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.

To achieve B Corp Certification, a company must complete the B Impact Assessment (BIA); a rigorous review of all areas of its business, including governance, workers, community (including supply chain), environment and customers. B Corps are legally accountable and must amend their Articles of Association to commit to considering the impact of all their business decisions on all stakeholders, alongside shareholders. B Corps are also transparent and, as a B Corp Certified business, we will publish an annual Impact Report to communicate its impact on people, communities and the planet.


The drive to achieve certification for has been spearheaded by our Managing Director, Angela Carus, who joined the company in January 2022.  Recognising the powerful impact that the B Corp movement has made on an increasing number of our food industry customers, she immediately investigated its purpose and framework, and decided that it should be a key priority for the business.  As she explains:

“The guiding and sound principles of the B Corp movement made perfect sense to me for leading a business in the right way for all our stakeholders including colleagues, customers and our local community, as well as protecting the environment and establishing excellent and transparent governance.

“Like many companies, over recent years, we have devised and implemented a robust ESG programme.  However, learning about the B Corp movement and its strong ethos through a selection of our food producer customers, made us aware of the need to not only go further with our plans but, most importantly, to change the way in which we all thought about our social and environmental responsibilities.

“Delving into the B Corp philosophy further, we found that it chimed perfectly with our leadership style and values.  It requires Directors and Managers to be creative, more thoughtful and to be adaptable communicators.  The movement has created energy across our business and it’s also making us all think about the impact we have on the environment as individuals.

“While achieving B Corp certification is undoubtedly a special milestone in our company’s history, the most significant factor in being involved in the movement over the last two years is that its framework has changed the way we operate on a day-to-day basis and given our business a renewed structure, focus and purpose. It looks at accountability in a totally different way and will undoubtedly shape our business positively for the future.

“For us, the B Corp journey is only just beginning. We aspire to become a leader and champion of the certification within our industry, and among our customers and business partners.

“More generally, through the power of the B Corp movement, business is redefining its position as a force for good.”

Our B Corp journey has been led by ESG & Quality Manager, Sarah Hall, along with external support and guidance from B Leader, Donna Okell of UK for Good.  Paying tribute to their contribution to achieving certification, Angela said, “Both Sarah and Donna have been instrumental in our attainment.

“Within our business, Sarah has instigated new initiatives with real purpose and energy and, alongside our plans to become certified, she has trained to become a B Corp mentor, providing her with the knowledge to guide other companies and customers to become part of the B Corp movement.

“Donna’s expertise and experience of advising companies on B Corp have been invaluable to us every step of the way.”

View our latest Impact Report here.