Company Partner with German Bionic for New Technology Investment

Recently the company has recently invested in two robotic suits for their warehouse colleagues. Now fully operational, the suits are designed to provide colleagues with relief and more energy at the end of their shift.

In partnership with German Bionic, the new suits were introduced into our warehouse early in 2024, following a two-day onboarding programme provided by German Bionic. The two suits are now fully operational in the company’s warehouse.

The robotic suits are worn like small backpacks and provide colleagues with relief over the course of a typical working shift, with up to 30kg of assistance to the lower back per lift. Made with ultralight carbon fibre, the waterproof exoskeleton incorporates the unique AI-based Smart Safety Companion ergonomics early warning system to provide alerts of signs of poor posture and incorrect lifting practices in real-time. This actively assists in preventing fatigue and resulting errors and potential injuries.

To launch the new technology, Boughey made a short film to showcase the exoskeletons in the work environment, which can be found below:

Our Warehouse Director, Danny Earp, speaking about the new innovation said, “The partnership with German Bionic is one that we’ve considered for a while, as our colleagues’ health while they’re at work is of utmost importance to us. The onboarding process was smooth and professional. We’d like to thank German Bionic for starting to implement the suits within our warehouse.”

Speaking further about the lasting effect the exoskeletons can have, Danny said, “By working with German Bionic, our aim is to provide a safe and secure work environment for our colleagues. We hope that the technology from German Bionic could reduce strain, stress and ultimately minimise personal injuries and incidents. Our colleagues work incredibly hard and we hope to maintain the same productivity levels while doing more to protect their backs while lifting.”

Andy Bridgewater of German Bionic commented, “We believe in making positive change within our partners’ workplace environments and we consider Boughey to be a perfect match. We hope our partnership can flourish over the years to come and we’d like to thank everyone at Boughey for the warm welcome and the enthusiasm shown during the onboarding process.”